About the network

Darkstone was founded on December 2nd, 2020 as a server to promote creativity and a sense of community that we thought was being lost in other servers. It originally launched as a BungeeCord network with a “Creative” and “Survival” server similar to what we have now. Currently we are a BungeeCord network that houses Creative, Survival and Skyblock servers.

The idea behind the server project that, as long as it provided an enjoyable experience to someone it was worthwhile. On December 30th, the server expanded to add Skyblock, and less than a week later we became known as “The network made for you.”

Our tagline represents the idea that we’re always moving forward and adding new features to keep our players and members coming back. Our network is built on the feedback you give us, the feedback that makes us the network made for you.

Darkstone is the spiritual successor to other server projects that most of the server’s staff have worked on. This is where the original inspiration for our gamemodes comes from. The project was the first that dabbled with a survival multiplayer and player-versus-environment setup of a freedom-oriented Creative server.