Our servers

To put it simply, our goal is to provide our community with a place to express themselves using the latest tools available to Minecraft servers. Everyone is able to claim a plot, start a survival community or use WorldEdit.

Or, you can turn it up to 11. Our server’s members have access to private build worlds, enchanced WorldEdit permissions and priority for joining the server.

Server biographies


The Creative server features WorldEdit and OP-style permissions while offering two large plotworlds and a "Sandbox" superflat testing world. Everyone gets access to nicknames, WorldEdit, warps and homes and can vote for additional cosmetic privileges. For our members, we have the private "Rhodesia" superflat build world, the "Moesia" vanilla-style build world, and enhanced WorldEdit permissions.

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The Survival server features a public, survival multiplayer and player-versus-environment style survival world focused around community and collaboration in a semi-vanilla environment. Players are able to create, build-- thrive together without fear of raids or looting. Everyone gets access to chest and inventory block locking to prevent theft. We offer custom crafting recipes, warps and homes, and everyone can vote for additional cosmetic privileges.

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Nothing but features

Supporting Minecraft 1.16.5 up until version 1.4.7. We offer:

  • Full Minecraft Bedrock support. Really. Join using your phone and play with Minecraft Java Edition players in real time.
  • Private and public worlds. Create and collaborate in worlds without protection and those with the highest walls you can get, all on the same server.
  • PvE that you want to play on. No learning how to use a protection plugin, our staff members got you covered. Survive and thrive without any need to figure out “how do I protect this again?”
  • A staff team that has your back. Most of us have years under our belts and have your issue covered. If one person doesn’t know; we have two other members who do.
  • Hard work earns rewards. Those who go above and beyond for our community have something to show for it, and you can too.