Quick start guide

Getting used to new features sometimes takes time. To help, we offer a getting started guide for the Skyblock server so you can make the most out of the new features. New information is added as plugins update and add more features.

Server navigation

Finding your way around the server is probably one of the biggest things to know. Navigating the island world isn’t always the easiest if you aren’t sure what to do.

We have a navigation GUI menu so that all of our players are better able to get around the server. The navigation menu will have tiles that you can click and will show you where you’ll be sent. This is the universal way to get around the server without teleporting back to the spawnpoint.

Related commands * `/sbk` - Opens the Skyblock navigation menu.

Spawnpoint navigation

The server’s spawnpoint location will never change. Every time you use /spawn, you’ll be sent to the same area that will connect you with other parts of the server. The spawnpoint will have portals, instructional navigation menus and signs so that you know how to get around. When in doubt, use /spawn.

Related commands * `/spawn` - Takes you to the server's spawn.