About voting

“Voting” is a way in which you can support the server and attract new players to each of us. For this reason, we try to encourage our players to vote for us daily and offer rewards to incentivize supporting us.

What is voting?

Minecraft server listing websites, like minecraftservers.org, is one of the many websites that servers can advertise themsleves on. Players that are looking for new servers to join will visit these sites to find new servers that they might be interested in.

These websites allow their players to submit “votes” for them. When you “vote”, it provides a small boost to our server on the website. The boost pushes up to the top of the page so that even more potential players can see our advertisement and might join the server.

We’re listed on multiple websites so that we have the chance to attract many new players at one time.

I get rewarded for this?

Yes! We share the wealth when you vote for us. We get a little something and you get a little something.

Network perks:

  • Distinguished aqua voter rank
  • Custom nicknames with color code support
  • Formatting and color code support in chat
  • Trail particles for your in-game player

Creative perks:

  • Access to the voter-exclusive superflat world
  • Increased WorldEdit block modification limit
  • Permissions for voter-exclusive PocketPics
  • Exclusive Essentials powertool permissions
  • Two additional plot claims in both plotworlds

Survival perks:

  • Increased home count limit

How does it work?

When you submit a vote for us, the server listing website will ask you to submit a username to send rewards to. The network is able to detect the username you submitted, and we automatically give you the “Voter” title in-game. This allows you to access the perks mentioned above.

Each voting site gives you the custom rank for six hours for each vote you submit. Most websites won’t let you vote more than twice in a single day, but you are able to vote for us on four (4) different sites and recieve the rewards for up to 24 hours.

How can I vote?

We’re glad you asked. All of the sites we’re listed on are shown below. It’s really easy to vote, just follow each website’s instructions and you should see your rewards appear in-game.