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Survival is the place we’ve made for our community to build and depend on each other in the game’s survival mode.

Regardless if you’re a member, everyone has access to the community’s survival world. We offer everyone the ability to use the world’s resources, protect their items and to thrive in the world shared by our players.

We usually use a crafting table from the game to identify the Survival server.



Bemoseemo is Survival's Operations Director and has been assigned to manage the server's feedback and development.


Every new player starts in the Survival server’s hub to protect you from mobs, the elements and other players. Once you leave this area to begin in the main world, there’s no going back.

Every player is teleported randomly to a unique location across the map. Don’t worry, this isn’t a player-versus-player server, though. Combat between players is disabled and limited to PvP-specific areas only. /pvp will send you there.

After that, survive like normal. This could be with friends or if you fly solo; harness the resources of the world and “Survive and thrive!” There’s no world protection system to worry about, and the economy is based on trades between players in our Auction House. (/ah).