Titles and honors

We offer a variety of titles to honor our players and thank them for their continued loyalty and support of the community. Most of the server’s titles usually are awarded to players and there isn’t typically an application that you can submit. That being said, players can apply for some titles when appropriate.

Voting title reward

As a way to advertise the server and attract new unique players every day, we list the server on “voting” websites so players can submit a “vote” and push the server to the top of the page. This means that the more votes we get, the better the chance we have to be recognized. As a result, we offer voting rewards for our players and staff members that submit votes for us.

In-game, Voters will have a [VTR] prefix and an aqua name.

Learn more about voting

Server membership

All of our players are eligible and are encouraged to apply for server residency. The “member” role is awarded to trusted members of the community who aren’t a Builder or staff member and would like to access member-only features and privileges.

Members are held to more strict interpretations of the server rules with a zero tolerance policy for offenses like editing other user’s content and griefing. This information can be viewed specifically on our member help section of the server’s help center.

Some features available to server members include:

  • Access to private Creative worlds: Rhodesia and Moesia
  • Member role on Discord
  • Member-only private Discord channel and project planning area
  • Priority server slot access

In-game, Members will have a [MBR] prefix and a magenta name.

Apply for membership

Building titles

In recognition of the skill and achievements of some of the server’s best architects and redstone engineers, we award the Architect and Engineer role to them. We don’t award this title lightly, and most of our players who’ve been awarded the title have won a challenging competition or have wowed us with their server creations.

None of our players with a building title are required to build for us. In fact, we discourage it. We think that they should continue to work on projects that they’re passionate about, rather than something we’ve asked them to make for us.

Some features available to our building titles include:

  • Increased WorldEdit limit; there isn’t one!
  • All membership perks
  • Build access in the server’s staffworld
  • VoxelSniper permissions (coming soon)


This is our “brick and mortar”-oriented building title. Architects build using anything from the inventory menu except the redstone section. If you see one of our players with this title while you’re playing, they’re some of the best of the best the server has to offer. Our architecture program and building events has meant that the server is able to offer unique and captivating spawns for our servers and worlds for our players.

In-game, Architects will have a [ACT] prefix and a light blue name.


The sister title to Architect is our title we specifically award to the server’s redstoners. While the redstone blocks the game offers are few, the skill and complexity involved with complex redstone creations commands admiration of its own. It’s a lot more than an AND logic gate; it’s in-game calculators and flying machines.

In-game, Engineers will have a [ENG] prefix and a light blue name.

Administrative titles

In addition to the titles we offer for all of our players, we also have specific titles we give our staff members for organizational and honorific purposes. These titles are not open to the general public, and staff members are not able to apply for them.


The server’s associates have attained the status and honor as typical holders of position, but is used to account for situations such as training or a lack of vacancies. For these purposes, staff members can be assigned as an “Associate”. It’s one of our administrative titles that is always bundled with another staff member rank.

Associate Executive

The server’s Associate Executives are staff members who have achieved the full title of Executive, but due to limits on server ownership are not listed simply as an “Executive”. These members are still given votes on matters facing the server’s operations team, and are equal to Executives in every other way.

The title of “Associate Executive” is given to specifically distinguish in their name between asset-holding and non asset-holding members of the Executive team. Otherwise, Associate Executives have the same responsibilities and permissions as other Executives.

Panther and Lakefield are the only non-Associate Executives with server ownership who equally split the server’s assets.

Associate staff members

On the other hand, staff members of any rank can also become “associates”. For other staff ranks however, the title is usually indicative of a staff member that is training or is in preparation for the position.

The idea here is to provide these staff members with relevant and real-world experience while being aided by a senior member of the staff team. The only additional responsibility for these staff members is to check in with their assigned supervising staff members. Associate Developers, Admins and Mods enjoy the same duties and permissions, and are virtually identical to typical staff members.

Operations Director

The Operations Directors are Admins who have been assigned to oversee the operations of their assigned server. Specifically, this means:

  • Reviewing player feedback. Our players and other staff members often submit their feedback for server improvements. The Operations Directors and Executives work together to review feedback and to continue providing new and captivating features to our servers.
  • Identify and address issues. Find areas where we could be running a server more efficiently, monitor a server’s performance or improve the experience for our players.
  • Looking forward. Analyze upcoming features and changes to the game or other plugins that should be implemented in the future and to guide a server moving forward.

Presently the networks spans across three servers, each of which has its own Operations Director. Each director will have a role ending in “Operations” on the Discord server.


Much like in the real world, “Emeritus” staff members are awarded this position for their service and commitment to the server project. This title is honorific, and means that the staff member upon their leave from the staff team will be regarded something along the lines “Executive Emeritus”.

This is the server’s way to show gratitude for a specific staff team member during their time in service on the staff team. Many of the former staff members with this title will only have a role on the Discord server, and will have no special recognition in-game.