Content moderation

The server’s staff members are also the server’s content moderation team. In order to keep consistency in the enforcement of the server’s community and punishment guidelines, staff members are given access to specific moderation tools. As staff members progress through the rank hierarchy of staff members, they are given more powerful tools to moderate content that reach a wider range of our players.

Rank hierarchy

The staff team is separated into a hierarchy similar to steps on a staircase or a ladder. Each step up in the server’s ranking system is used to signify seniority and various responsibilities of the server’s staff members. As staff members step up, their responsibilities focus on larger and larger aspects of the server’s platforms.


Executives are the staff members who are assigned to manage the server’s long-term and daily functions, with their sights set on the bigger picture aspects of the server’s development. These members are usually either founding members of the server or have been brought in specifically because of their expertise. They also hold the final say over all server matters, including questions about the server’s rules and can make changes to any server function as they see fit. They have every permission on the server, management panel and Discord server. These users manage services for the server as well, including voting websites and emails. They are able to suspend any member of staff.

They are not limited purely to these functions either, and occasionally will be seen in-game moderating players and content like many other staff members on the server.

In-game, Executives will have a [EXV] prefix and a light red name.


Developers are staff members who code our plugins or maintain the ones that we’ve deployed to the netwrk. They have access to every permission on the network and are granted additional permissions on the management panel so that new features are able to be accurately tested. In addition to custom programs that the server runs, certain Developers are also given command-line access to the virtual machine to keep server software up-to-date and to install new features. They are also given every privilege that Admins have as well.

In-game, Developers will have a [DEV] prefix and a light purple name.


Admins are the highest-ranking general moderators on the network. They are also given every permission and privilege that Mods have as well. These members are entrusted to issue Severity 4 permanent punishments. Admins are also immediately given Discord moderator permissions to moderate content and users on those platforms.

Note: Admins are also eligible for more responsibility of the server’s operations should they be selected as an Operations Director. You may learn more about this title, or any of the network’s other titles using the help center.

In-game, Admins will have a [ADM] prefix and a yellow name.


Mods are the server’s general moderators, and this is where most of our other staff members start out. They are given discretion to enforce the server’s rules and are to provide support to players should they need it. These staff members are given the essential permissions for moderation, and are able to issue recommendations for Severity 4 permanent punishments. All of the server’s staff, Mods in particular provide a hospitable and welcoming environment to new players to the server.

In-game, Mods will have a [MOD] prefix and a lime green name.

Moderation tools

Our staff member roles wouldn’t be much use if they didn’t have the tools on our platforms to enforce the server’s guidelines. We run multiple in-game plugins so that we may expand the ways in which our staff members are able to effectively manage the community.

We add these applications since we believe those who play within our rules should and are entitled to play on the network free from those who violate them. These

In-game tools

The tools staff members are given access to in-game are, in large part, provided by Spigot’s plugin resources. The majority of which are open source and are published for little to no cost. All of the plugins that we choose to add to the server have their purpose, and are added with our player’s trust and safety in mind.


We run the punishment system AdvancedBan for the server’s basic moderation commands. This plugin provides us with a feature-rich moderation library of moderation commands. This allows our punishments to coordinate across the network, and is infinitely customizable for various permissions systems and messages.

It includes helpful features such as a full player punishment history, unique punishment IDs and MySQL database support.


Like many other servers, Intellij’s CoreProtect is how we log and store actions on the server. When you hear a staff member say a “rollback”, they mean they’re using CoreProtect to undo specific edits for a player, mob or block.