Darkstone's Circles

The key parts of what makes up Darkstone, what makes us well, us is what we call our “Circles.” Take a look at the Darkstone logo above this page in the navbar.

We like to call the key elements of who we are, our DNA, everything about us by focusing on the most recognizable part of our logo: its circles.

Our logo serves to represent the servers and ideas we’re built around:

  1. Creative. A place to be spontaneous and dream with your imagination.
  2. Survival. Thrive together with nothing but your ingenuity.
  3. Skyblock. The sky is (literally) the limit.

The fourth circle, the uncolored circle represents you; our community of staff members and players over a shared experience. Our staff members are what unite our players and get creative juices flowing. Staff members are the core part of our mission and our belief that the experience begins with choosing the right people.