Darkstone’s Moderators are a core element of our community, the server’s gameplay and the foundation of the content moderation team.

What we hope to make clear through the course of this training and throughout your time on the staff team: as a server we believe that choosing great people leads to a great experience for our players, and as a server, the members we choose to represent us at all levels of staff is more effective than any new feature or improvement. You have chosen to join a team that values your skillset and the potential impact that you can bring to our server.

With this knowledge, we hope that you move through our training program head high knowing that someone on our senior leadership is impressed with your potential to do great things for our community.

As you move through many of these courses, many of the procedures and policies have been written and dreamt up by former Mods that were once in your shoes. Our training is designed to give all of our new staff members the same foundation and understanding to move forward successfully.

We’re incredibly excited to have you as a new member of our team. Welcome to Endeavor, and welcome to Darkstone.

Sincerely, Lakefield